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My portfolio of projects and experiments

I've worked on a variety of projects and accomplished a great deal. You can see past, current, and future projects here.

  • Mastering neovim

    Neovim masterclass is a video course about using neovim as your personal development environment

    Mastering neovim

    In development
  • Code Simplified ApS

    Code Simplified ApS is my consultancy shop that provides software development to small, medium and enterprise businesses.

    Code Simplified ApS

    Active business
  • Dinero Regnskab

    Dinero is a Danish startup that I have been a part in 2014-2018. It is a SAAS that is used by small businesses to manage their accounting.

    Dinero Regnskab

    Sold & exited
  • BilligeBoxers.dk

    Small underwear webshop for men that I worked on from 2012-2015, with an automated warehouse and order fulfillment system.


    Sold & exited